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Dear Ms. Catalano,


Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your RFP and discuss what Patrick Marketing can do for you. 


We pride ourselves in being a trusted partner in building your brand.  We believe in teamwork and we’ve built our team with some of the most talented people in the advertising and broadcast industries.  We’re ready to go to work for you.  More on that in a bit.  But first…


We reviewed your needs and I believe we can break them down into three main areas:

Develop research-driven strategies that deliver a meaningful message across all media platforms.

Stand out with exceptional creative to effectively showcase the true quality of your brand

Emotionally connect with the people you serve to continually build goodwill, confidence, and trust.

Below we provide more specifics on how we can help you reach your goals, build on your current successes, and take Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center to the next level.


Thank you,



Colleen Patrick


Communication Strategies

We will work with you to find your focus and design a targeted approach to your messaging. We know it’s not just what you say. but also how you make people feel. 

Being in the healthcare industry, you are in the perfect position to deliver a message that will make people feel good, that leads to you making people really feel good.


What does this mean to you?


  • A Focused Brand – we will work closely with you to build on your current successes while designing clear messaging with meaning to your audience. 

  • Monthly Review/Preview – again we will work together with you to analyze KPI’s, market research, and digital/social analytics to spot opportunities and evaluate issues.  With monthly reviews along with monthly and quarterly planning we’ll be well prepared to capitalize on all opportunities.

  • Animated Explainer Videos – Google loves video!  We will develop NFMCC as the region’s healthcare experts. With a focus on what searchers are seeking answers to most, coupled with your targeted areas will will drive traffic to your site and business. 

  • Talent Videos – We will put your doctors and hospital leaders in the spotlight to again showcase you as the expert.  This will develop name recognition and create a personal connection to you and the hospital.

  • MMC-TV – Essentially your own TV channel.  In a video-first world this can be a real point of difference for you.   We will build a section on your website with all communications easily displayed and visually engaging.   Google LOVES video and so do web users seeking info and answers. 

Explainer Video Example

No doubt the medical world can be complicated and intimidating.  But don’t worry.  Working with our animators and copywriters we’ll make it easy and ease some stress and anxiety. 

...and this could be you!

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 9.56.10 PM.png

Talent Video Example

Our team of videographers, editors, and graphic artists will make you a star and put a face to your brand. 


Creative Strategies

It’s crowded out there, so you have to stand out!  We will not only elevate your brand visually but make sure your message is clear and effective.   You will have the premier brand in the region.


What does that me to you?


  • Copywriting – Our team of copywriters is your team.  We have written for TV news and TV advertising, online blogs and websites, promotional literature and just about everything else. We know how to deliver copy that elicits a reaction… and an action.

  • Graphic Design Team – You’ll have our team of pros at your service.  Think of us as your art department.  All design for business collateral, advertising, marketing materials, and whatever needs you may have (heck, we’ve designed retail space, lobbies, and business exteriors too) we are here for you.

  • SEO – You’ll rank on Google with what we like to call SPAM (that’s good spam): 

    • Speed = Fast site and page speed. 

    • Positive Experience = A positive user experience with no dead links, 404 Errors, or high bounce rates.

    • Authority = Build trust and site authority via quality backlinks, referrals, and citations.

    • Meaningful Content = Written with purposeful keywords, click-thru’s and conversions.  Content to establish you as the expert.

  • Social Media – With monthly calendar planning and our design team, your social pages will stand out and help drive business.

  • Digital Media Buying – Put us to work for you.  We’ve routinely built digital campaigns that out-click the averages while converting leads into clients.

Creative Examples

We love to design clean and clear creative.  We take great care to elevate your brand so you will stand out as the top brand in your category. 

Below are examples of logo design and layout.  

Green Eats Business Card Displayed 2.jpg
Vitell Business Card A Displayed.jpg
HJ Business Card Displayed.jpg

Branding and messaging across platforms. Click for full size images.

Before and After.  Website redesigned to reflect the high-end quality of Bay Dermatology with a clear sell and clickable action items.


Community Strategies

Its more than just events and outreach.  It’s your reputation and the impression you make in the community you serve. With our background in local TV and the beauty industry we know how to produce meaningful community events. 


What does this mean to you?


  • Partnerships & Events - Having built community partnerships with major business leaders, NFL teams, and local cultural institutions, we’re certain we can do the same for you. Some unique events include a once-in-a-lifetime Buffalo Philharmonic concert at the historic Buffalo Central Terminal, a live TV food drive with the Buffalo Bills, and spectacular hair shows at the Buffalo Convention Center.  We’re confident we can design an event with radio or TV partnerships to bring a wealth of community goodwill to the Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center.


      We look forward to discussing this aspect more with you.

Our Proposal

You’ve built a great brand with an excellent foundation. Now, let’s take your business to the next level.  We’re looking forward to being a part of your growth and future success!   Here is what we propose in a nutshell…..


Your Offsite Marketing Team.  We are your Branding Experts, Strategy Team, Art Department, Content Writers, SEO & Reputation Management Department, Digital Media Buyers, Community Outreach Team, and Event Planners.  We’re ready to serve and always just one phone call away. 

  • Monthly Meetings. On-site Review/Preview meetings

  • Analytics and Reporting.  Google Analytics and our agency software

  • Animated Explainer Videos.  Produced quarterly (4x per year)

  • Talent Videos.  Produced quarterly (4x per year)

  • MMC-TV.  On your website and YouTube

  • SEO. On going.  Content pages as needed.  Blog/News section to discuss your needs

  • Social Media. Weekly Facebook and Instagram posts

  • Reputation Management. Encouraging, monitoring, and managing reviews.

  • Community Outreach.  Events 2x per year.  Partnership development.

  • Digital Media Buying.  Includes all creative

TOTAL COMMITMENT:  $9,500 per month.

*In addition, we gladly manage TV and Radio buying at10% of the total media spend.  This is via the agency discount and not an additional cost to you.

We look forward to discussing this opportunity with you, answering any questions, and learning more about the Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center.

Thank You.

All items contained in this document are the property of Patrick Marketing and can not be used and/or shared

without the consent of Patrick Marketing.

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