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CAPABILITIES: video, graphics, animation, photography, editing.

GREEN EATS: Orchard Park, NY.  

CHALLENGE: After two years in business, Green Eats was nearly invisible on Google.  Search results only showed the competition.  


GOAL: Move into the top-tier of Google search rankings  for "Healthy Restaurant" while launching their "Vegan Catering" business.

RESULTS: Now - Green Eats is a player in the market.  The number one result for "Healthy Restaurant" and number two for "Vegan Catering."  Also, the photo posts have gained nearly ten thousand views a month.  That engagement has helped move Green Eats to the top.

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WEB DESIGN: click here

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BONUS: We discussed video results on our call.  When my sink broke I went looking for help and as you can see - video content is a top result.  What if I needed help for a car accident, slip and fall, or some other personal injury?  Why not have Hall Justice own the video space?

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