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Patrick Marketing Your Offsite CMO

We are your full-service Marketing Team - just one call away.  As your partner, we do what we do best for you, so you can do what you do best.  Ready?  Let's build something great together.

Branding & Strategy

The most important thing we can do for you.  We will help you build a powerful band that people trust.  Recognizable, top of mind, with an emotional connection.  There's a purpose behind everything we do.  


Analytics & Reporting

What good is all this sweat if we can't track it.  No worries, we can.  We build complete reports to track all our efforts.  This is not the typical SEO or PPC report you're used to.  This is us working together with you to spot opportunities and move your business forward.


Website Development

Designed to showcase your brand in a beautiful light.  Encourage conversions, clean and effective structure for hight speed, Google will love it - so will your customers.  Ongoing support for speed, security, and performance.


Web Hosting

High performance, maximized speed, and full security with SSL.  Daily backups for peace of mine.  Optimized for SEO and available staging site.


Graphic Design

First impressions matter.  Build trust, credibility, communicate clearly, and elevate your brand to the level it should be.  Strategic AND Beautiful?  Really?  Yep - there's a reason why they say, "Creativity kills competition."  


Video Production

TV commercials, internet video, educational video, testimonials, video bios, you name it.  This is where the rubber hits the road and where your brand goes from an idea to stardom.


Video Animation

Bring any concept to life.  Explain complicated material in a simple way,  Easy to update, cost effective, and is a dynamic way to elevate your brand.


Business Collateral

It's a competitive tool.  You have a high end product - you need high end materials to carry your brand.


Content Marketing

From blogs to eblasts to page content to outstanding lead-gen opportunities such as ebooks, infographics and power-papers that spotlights your brand and work.


Reputation Management

One of the first things customers do is check your reviews.  We answer your reviews, make sure you have more reviews and better reviews so you out shine your competition.  



All your professional listings.  Yellow Pages, Yelp, Industry Directories.  We scrape the web and get you listed and recognized by Google.  


Google My Business

Often the first thing your customer will see.  Customer reviews, improved SEO, and help customers easily find you, learn about you and connect with you - all while you make a great first impression.  



Organic search is the vast majority of online traffic.  SEO done right will get you page one rankings for your number one search terms as well as pay long term dividends.  


Social Media Marketing

Build awareness, grow your community, and engaged with your audience.  Cultivate a following with quality content that matters so when you 


Traditional Media Buying

We build effective media strategies, negotiate ad space, and optimize your exposure to get the maximum impact out of your budget. Rate 10% of total TV, Radio, Outdoor, and Print spend.


Digital Media Buying

Google, Facebook, Site & Search Retargeting, Display ads, mobile, desktop or anywhere.  If potential customers are out there, we'll find them.  Strategy, tracking, reporting, and optimizing.   Rate 20% of total media spend.

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